Friday, December 2, 2011

And The BCS Says The Big East Is A Fraud?

You want a fraud? The BCS is like the guy who comes around once a year to seal your driveway and rust-proof your downspouts. How the heck can this fraud continue before the very eyes of a nation full of fans? How do we allow these guys to continue to rake in our money, our interest, our passion, only to say "Eat your pudding young man! If you don't eat your pudding you can't have any meat"! Before I reach out and do something I shouldn't to the next BCS official who has the nerve to identify themselves in my presence, let's take a look at the affect this fraudulent, Cosa Nostra-like, grip has forced on one of our national pastimes. It's championship weekend, with conference championship games from coast to coast. But none of them mean a damn thing when it comes to determining a national championship. Thanks BCS. Nice job. So, all of the games in the regular season allegedly mean something. But when it comes to actual playoffs that pair the best of the best in conference championships, well hold on big fella! Your Lordship BCS has already decreed who is number one and who is number two. Thanks for the late season drama. And for you BCS lovers out there, quick! Which conference has the most teams in the top 25 of the BCS standings? If you said the SEC, try again. The Big Ten? Take another stab Bevo breath. It's the Big 12. A conference with 10 teams has six teams ranked in the top 25 of the BCS. This includes a Texas team that is 7-4. But the Longhorns rake in 70 mil a year in revenue and mean a lot to the network that has the most to gain or lose when it comes to the Longhorns. Yes, you are a big part of the problem ESPN. Whether loveable Lee Corso is hurling expletives on live television or not-so-loveable executives are behind the scenes busting up conferences, you keep the monopoly alive. Not true? Talk to you your man at B.C. But I digress, and you wish I would continue to digress. You want a good laugh? Look at 25th rated Missouri. The Tigers have five losses. FIVE! Look at two of their whopping seven wins. One is at home against Miami(OH), which finished 4-8. Another is at home over Kansas. Kansas has two wins this year. Those two KU wins are against McNeese State and Northern Illinois. Missouri did beat a ranked Texas team and a ranked Texas A & M team. A & M is the only road game Missouri won the entire season! You can't make this stuff up. That's another dirty little secret of the BCS and college football's elites. The teams that draw the most fans get to play the most home games. Lets see Missouri go on the road and play, say, Arizona State. I wonder what would happen? Wonder no more, because the Tigers lost in overtime at ASU. ASU finished 6-6 and had a losing record in the PAC 12. But as this posting shows, these rankings are incredibly fraudulent. The BCS is fraudulent. You don't believe me? I'll send a BCS official to seal your driveway tomorrow. Too bad that is not his real job!

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