Monday, December 5, 2011

Bengals Back On Bubble

I was not counting on the Bengals to get a win in Pittsburgh, but I was counting on another heady, steady performance. Instead it was a blowout. It is just one loss in the standings, but it highlighted the warts that may keep this team from the playoffs. Certainly injuries have taken their toll, but what worries me more is that the Bengals have beaten just one team this season that currently owns a winning record. The 7-5 Tennessee Titans. That's troubling when the Houston Texans bring a 9-3 record to town. A loss to the Texans and the Bengals are in big trouble. I was counting Houston as a win, and I still think that can happen, but it's going to take much better execution that what was on display Sunday. You are never as bad as you look, and never as good as you look. The Bengals are definitely in between. In fact, they could prove to be about average. It is certainly better than I thought they would be in 2011 and they do appear to have a chance to be very good with a little more experience. But this is about 2011, and potential playoff hopes now. Without a win over Houston, those playoffs hopes are just about shot.

So LSU must beat Alabama twice to win a national championship, but Alabama only needs to beat LSU once to win the national title. Does this really make sense? I'm somewhat surprised the BCS went through with this because it screams that this system is a mockery. I would much rather see Oklahoma State get a shot. Ultimately I would much rather see a playoff of 8 teams, or 16. At least that way if Alabama was still matched against LSU in the end, we would know the one loss teams would truly be pretenders. But the way it is now, we just have to take the word of the BCS. And I'm not much for taking the word of flimflam artists.

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