Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pujols and Reds

Instead of the Reds improving their club at the Winter Meetings, they seem to be satisfied that the loss of Albert Pujols will help them. It's also possible Prince Fielder will leave the Brewers and the National League Central Division. That would be quite a one-two punch for the Reds main competition to lose. But what about the long-term affect? With the big dollars going out to those two, what will Joey Votto be worth in two years? I can't imagine any way in the world the Reds can afford to pay what Votto could command as a free agent, or potential free agent. So what to do, what to do? Can they afford to trade Alonso? If the Reds really feel they will have the money to pay Votto, then you keep him. But I bet Alonso stays to hedge their bet and as the season rolls along they think more and more about the Votto situation. By keeping Alonso and praying he can play left field, they buy themselves a little more time. But they must think ahead to what these big contracts meam for the future of Votto in Cincinnati.

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