Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wow, Was I Ever Wrong

It's not the first time, but I didn't give the Bengals much of a chance selling out Sunday's game against Baltimore. They essentially did it in less than three business days. You have to give the Bengals a lot of credit on this one. Not only did they make a nice deal with the fans, they were able to handle the physical logistics of selling so many tickets. It's a great thing for the players, who deserve to play before a packed house. No matter what some may think of ownership or the front office, this one should be for the players. And when it became about the players, the fans came through. Now will the players come through on Sunday? I think there is a very good chance the Bengals beat Baltimore. Baltimore has struggled on the road. All four of the losses suffered by the Ravens this year have been road games. Their road record is 3-4. They have lost at Tennessee, Jacksonville, Seattle, and San Diego. Jacksonville, Seattle? If the Ravens have lost to teams like those on the road, I think and up and coming bunch of Bengals have the upper hand on Sunday. But as a warning, I've been wrong before!

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