Saturday, January 7, 2012

Game Day In Houston

Game Day is here and the Hoston fabs are tailgating en-masse. We went to the stadium for some morning live shots and there was a line of pickup trucks a quarter-mile long waiting for one of the lots to open. Many of them were pulling big grills behind them. Apparently Houston has some serious tailgating. One fans claims reseasrch has shown Houston is ther number one tailgating site in the NFL. I haven't been able to get confirmation of that from the commissioner's office, but one quick eyeball check will tell you these folks are serious. As for the game, it's the usual dilemma: stop the run. The Texans can run the ball as well as anyone. But the Bengals did a terrific job stopping the Houston run last month. But the recent problem of big plays against the Bengals run defense could be an Achille's heel. Not allowing big plays on the ground will be critical to the Bengals' chances.

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