Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Madson and More

What a wild last 30-31 days it has been for Cincinnati sports. Now comes word the Reds are signing closer Ryan Madson. This is a huge signing, but I'm still not one of those who feels you have to overpay for the position. Initial reports say the Reds will pay more than 8-million dollars for one year of service. Not out of whack with the market, but a big chunk for Cincinnati. Does this mean the Reds are content with Chris Heisey starting in left field? If they are content with that, then this signing is fine. My guess is they have looked at available talent at the position and figure they are just as good with Heisey as they are the other candidates. This appears to be true, and I am more than happy to see the Reds give Heisey the chance as opposed to overspending for Cody Ross or Ryan Ludwick. But Heisey a bit of a strikeout issue, and the lineup could be overloaded with k-candidates again, especially if Juan Francisco ends up playing a lot of third base. At least the Reds are doing something and not standing pat like last season.

Now back to the crazy past 30-31 days. Think about it. Starting with the Crosstown Brawl, there has been a major story every week. Maybe two major stories every week. The brawl, the Mat Latos deal, the U.C. bowl game, the Bengals to the playoffs, the Bearcats start winning basketball games while Xavier starts losing them, and Barry Larkin elected to the hall of fame. Even a week before the brawl we had Redsfest and two northern Kentucky schools (Highlands and Holy Cross) winning state titles in football. All big stories, and all big reasons why Cincinnati remains a b ig sports market. I know our attendance will lag at times, and for very good reasons, but the appetite for sports information in this area remains at a very high level.

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