Saturday, January 7, 2012

Post Game From Houston

You saw the game and you know the score. 31-10 Texans over the Bengals. The Texans made the big plays and the Bengals didn't. The Texans did a nice job attacking the Bengals with the two running backs, Foster and Tate. The Bengals locker room was not overly subdued. They talk of youth and how much more they can grow. That is how they have to look at it. Marvin Lewis talked about how the Texans came together by growing up while adding players along the way. He sees the Bengals as the same way, just a little behind. There is a lot of truth in that. But a lot of irony too. The Texans spare no expense to make this team better. In fact, it was the Bengals losing a promising young cornerback to the Texans. Now Johnathan Joseph is heading to a pro bowl. The Texans have a stadium with a retactable dome, but they don't practice there. The practice facility is across the street, compelete with outdoor fields and an indoor bubble. So if it rains or gets cold, the players aren't spending their time trying to stay warm or dry and comfortable. No, they are spending their time learning and working. The Bengals could learn a lot modeling themselves after the recent ways of the Texans. Defense, running game, and support. We saw the difference Saturday on the field and across the street.

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