Sunday, May 2, 2010

Calvin Again! A Big Day For Harang

I'm beating myself up for not believing in Calvin Borel and Super Saver. The horse had been improving, had good workouts in the Churchill slop, and had won a race in the slop last year. But you can't pick all of the horses, and another 30 yards and Ice Box takes it. Apparently Ice Box had a pretty rough trip in the final turn, but that's horse racing. That's the way it breaks. And you have to give Borel credit for once again finding the clean trip. What really tees me off is the fact that I went to Churchill last Saturday on opening day and witnessed Borel win five races. FIVE!!! So how the heck did I leave him out of my top four?

This is another big start for Aaron Harang. It's an opening day rematch with Chris Carpenter and the Cardinals. I'm sure most Reds observers expect Harang to get hit hard today, but honestly, I don't know what to expect. Aaron's track record over the past two years would suggest Tuesday night's game in Houston was an aberration. The Reds better hope it wasn't. The recent five game winning streak was a direct result of solid starting pitching. It appears the Reds will stick with Harang for awhile, so their fortunes are relying in large part on Harang bouncing back to his better days. He needs to make it back to back quality starts today in St. Louis.

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