Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pacman? Really?

I'm not going to go "Bakersfield Chimp" on the Bengals in the event they sign Adam "Pacman" Jones, but really? You are going to sign this guy? I'm all about second chances for people, but do the Bengals really need to go down THIS road? Here's all I have to say: Mike Brown loves a deal. If he thinks he is getting a $2 million dollar a year player for the league minimum, he can't help himself. It must be done. It's like the degenerate at River Downs looking for winning tickets on the ground, or in the garbage can. Sometimes I think the Bengals would reach into a urinal or into a toilet bowl. It's the irresistible allure of getting a trinket for a bargain basement price. That's all I can come up with because the Bengals absolutely, positively, do not need Pacman. Sure, this could be the final year for Johnathan Joseph, (it shouldn't be, lock him AND Leon up for goodness sakes!) but didn't the Bengals just draft a corner in the third round? Didn't they just draft a guy who can return punts and kicks in the third round too? Okay, Pacman was allegedly a first round talent with a head that wouldn't make it in the baseball draft. (I believe 32 rounds last year. Even the Nationals wouldn't have drafted Pacman's head. Even the Nationals with Jim Bowden as G.M. wouldn't draft Pacman's head) I would like to believe Bengals DC Mike Zimmer is really on board with this. Well, maybe I would rather believe Mike would think it's a waste of time. But such is life with the Bengals. I do not have knowledge that this is driven by Mike Brown. But if I'm the owner/GM, and my coaches are going down this road, I might be driven to go Bakersfield Chimp on them.

Now for the Redlegs. I like a lot of things about the makeup of this team. Yes, I know about Brandon Phillips. Yes, it drives me nuts too. You have to bust your butt out of the box each and every time you drive a ball, pop a ball up, dribble a ball, hit a ground ball right at the second baseman, etc., etc. I'm afraid he's not going to change at this point. I wish he would. He's a terrific talent. But leadership is lost on the guy. Hopefully he figures it out soon. Imagine if he did. But the point of this item is the dreadful elephant in the Reds room. I did this last year at the end of May when the Reds were hanging around. I can't help myself and wait that long this year. Especially with the way the Reds are winning all of these games in their final at-bats. It's run differential. And it doesn't lie. There are exceptions, but a -28 run differential 28 games into the season is not supposed to add up to a 14-14 record. Maybe, maybe it's too small of a sample to sound the fire alarm. But in the National League, only Pittsburgh and Houston are worse. We know where the Bucs and 'Stros are going to end up by the time September rolls around. There's time to right the ship, but this team isn't hanging around for long if the ship doesn't level itself soon.

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