Monday, May 31, 2010

"It's Mr. Jocketty on line one."

At least I hope that is what some baseball general managers are hearing from their office personnel. The Reds need some help in the bullpen and I'm willing to bet Reds general manager Walt Jocketty is checking every option. Should they use some of the better pitchers in their own system, even if they happen to be starting pitchers? Would it make sense to have Homer Bailey work out of the bullpen when he comes back from the shoulder inflammation? More than likely, the best answers come from outside the organization. It's not just Monday in St. Louis that has me thinking the Reds better think fast. Outside of Rhodes, and maybe Cordero, who exactly can the Reds trust from their bullpen? Masset has a great arm and great stuff but he's been getting knocked around too much. Lincoln and Fisher are having major issues. While Owings and Herrera have respectable E.R.A.'s, do you really feel good about the way they are throwing? Many thought the biggest concerns for the Reds to remain in contention were health and offense. But to me, the bullpen is looking like the real achilles heel. Hopefully Walt is on the phone.

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