Friday, May 7, 2010

Reds Lead Off and Adam Jones

Orlando Cabrera is leading off against the Cubs, and that appeared to be the Reds only true option. Drew Stubbs certainly needed some pressure taken off, so he's down in the 7th slot. Dusty said Drew has really been putting pressure on himself, and that Stubbs hears the criticism, and that made him bear down more. Baker cited Davey Concepcion as a guy who really struggled to hit early and the major league level, and then went on to have a fruitful career. Dusty also mentioned the struggles last year of Jay Bruce. Cabrera's on-base percentage leaves a lot to be desired, but he's a veteran, he's done a decent job in the lead off role before, so it was the Reds only real option. Is it a long-term option for the rest of 2010? That depends on Cabrera.

The Bengals will make it official early in the week, Adam "Pacman" Jones is on board. Sometimes a young man can make a quantum leap in maturity from his early 20's to his mid 20's. I really hope Pacman made that leap. But if he has, how in the world does he show up for a February workout in less than ideal shape? Maybe it clicked in the last three months, I don't know. I do find it amusing to hear all of the rationalization going on about the Bengals signing him. One of the big ones: "The Bengals can't afford to keep both Joseph and Hall, so they need to find another starting corner." Oh really? A team that can throw a couple of "Brink's" trucks at the wide receiver position is going to skimp on the best starting corner tandem since E.T. and Billups? That's the kind of thinking that created the black hole of 1991-2003. The best thing that can be said about this signing is the low risk involved. The best thing that can come out of it is that Pacman shows he has matured, and he can become the player Tennessee thought was worth a first round pick in 2005. I'm not sure I would have signed him. I'm 75 percent sure I would not have done it. But I haven't met the guy, so I'll leave myself 25 per cent leeway. So I won't kill the Bengals for doing it. I won't praise them either.

By the way, I do praise them for signing Gibril Wilson. A safety is needed and the Bengals are somewhat lucky a guy with Wilson's pedigree is still available.

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