Friday, February 27, 2009

Andrews example of "professional" sports

The next time you complain about a pro sports team not gracing an aging veteran with a fat contact, just remember the Bengals experience with Stacy Andrews. They draft him as a "project" in the 4th round in 2004. His starts the next 3 seasons: 0 in 2004, 0 in 2005, 3 in 2006. After starting 14 games in 2007 the Bengals use the franchise tag on him and pay Andrews over 7 million bucks in 2008. Then he hops the first bus out of town to join his brother in Philly. This isn't to dump on Andrews. He didn't hold a gun to the Bengals head so they could draft him, develop him, and give him a chance to become rich beyond his dreams. He just became the latest to use the two-way street to his advantage.

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