Saturday, February 14, 2009

U.C. Hoops and Football

U.C. is still looking for that signature win after Pitt shot its way to a 16 point win. The Panthers shot 67% from the field. Even with the amount of easy buckets and transition scores, that's an incredible feat. DeJuan Blair sure like the rims at the Petersen Center. A big deal is being made that U.C. needs to beat a team that is NCAA bound before the 'Cats can make their own case. That leaves them with a home game with Louisville, perhaps the home game with West Virginia, and the road game with Syracuse. Those are the next 3 games on the schedule.

We're still waiting to hear when Brian Kelly will announce his new defensive coordinator. The way it was explained to me, Kelly has his man. So why hasn't it happened yet? Here's what I can say. The contract for the new DC will be a fairly sizable one for a U.C. assistant, something the U.C. president would have to 'sign-off' on. U.C.'s president had a busy week taking a job at S.U.N.Y. So that could be part of the issue. Another part, finding a day to make the announcement that will give U.C. some bang for it's publicity buck. This was something they hoped to have wrapped up by the end of the week, but it's not like there is a game tomorrow so they have a little time to play with if needed. I'm just not sure if the guy U.C. has in mind has a lot of time to play with. Stay tuned..

We should be able to get some Xavier post-game interviews up in a little bit. The Muskies got what they needed, a 35 point blowout against Fordham.

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