Thursday, February 26, 2009

It Should Be Fun

Tonight at Fifth Third Arena should be something else. I hear some people are concerned about the distraction of honoring Huggins before the game. The only person this should distract is Huggins. None of the current U.C. players were coached by Huggins. So for all they know it's just another guy getting another award at half court of Fifth Third Arena. It happens every game, and usually it's Brian Kelly hoisting another gold football helmet attached to a piece of wood representing yet another honor for himself or his team. I think there will be a lot of emotion before the game between the fans and Huggins. After that, I'll be real curious to see how the fans react. Will they get on Huggs when he gets on the refs? I hear there's a bunch of fans wearing replicas of the famous "mustard yellow suit" who will be sitting right behind the West Virginia bench. So that part should be fun. If U.C. wins I think that will purge the Huggins shadow and the program moves on. Oh yeah, U.C. has to win, or else.

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