Friday, February 27, 2009

College Hoops Regular Season

Every football season I hear all of the bowl system defenders drone on about how great the regular season is in college football, and it is. Then said blowhard always has to add how the regular season in college basketball is a joke, there are all of these meaningless games played in December and January, and 64 teams make the tournament anyway so what's the point? The point is teams like U.C. Teams that are on the bubble. Bubble talk is great and always seems to get fans worked up in a lather. Unlike college football, a college basketball team can have a bad start, work out the kinks, come together as a team, and still have a chance to win a national championship. In college football you lose 2 games in September and you're in deep trouble, even if you're playing the best football in the country when November rolls around. So I'll take my meaningless college basketball regular season, watch teams develop, enjoy the bubble talk, and continue to watch worthy football teams get hosed out of a chance for a national title year after year after year.

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