Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bounce Back Time For "X"

I didn't get to see the Xavier game live, but I did some of the replay on ESPN2. Kudos to Dayton for coming out with some serious energy. The Muskies 6 game winning streak over the Flyers is over. The alarmist in me says "X" better get this thing back on track soon. The sensible part of senses the Muskies will. After such a tough non-conference schedule there had to be a letdown. The letdown is in full swing. Sean Miller's job know is to get the team back on the upswing, peaking in time for the postseason. Don't panic X-Fan. So many good teams go through this year after year after year. Most of the really good teams get through the lulls and come back to life at the right time. I think Xavier is a really good team. (by really good, I mean sweet 16 caliber)

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