Thursday, March 18, 2010

Almost Game Time

The great thing abougt the NCAA tournament, well, there are a lot of great things, but one of the great things is the fact you never hear anyone say "well, we treat it as just another game." They might say, "take it one game at a time" but you never hear a player or coach say it's just another game. There are numerous games throughout the season that players and coaches alike use the just another game cliche. the crosstown shootout comes to mind. But here, every player talks about how these are the games they dreamed about playing since they were little kids. Not one player or coach in the Xavier or Minnesota locker rooms pretended this waasn't where it's at. And it is.

Both teams appeared loose and ready. Xavier is really confident with the way the team has bounced back from previous losses. I think their depth at guard is something that the XU players feel could be an advantage. Dante Jackson cited guard play as something that gives this year's squad an advantage over last year's Xavier team.

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