Friday, March 19, 2010

Xcellent Work

Before we get to the Musketeers, send help: 7th Floor, Milwaukee Hyatt. My floor has been invaded by and infested with........PITT FANS! I think most of them are students. I might need reinforcements here.

Xavier was clearly the better team. There was only one small stretch in that game where I felt Xavier was outplayed, and that was in the first half. It wasn't a long stretch either. It was easy to see the effect Jordan Crawford had on the game. I was really surprised a couple of weeks ago when I checked a bunch of mock drafts on the web to see if they had him going. Not one of them had him anywhere in the two rounds. I'm thinking that changes soon. Whether he actually takes the leap or not, we'll see.
The bottom line on the game, Xavier was more athletic at every position that Minnesota. I was sitting 12 feet from the floor, it was obvious. Someone overlooked in the whole deal was Kenny Frease. He really did a nice job settling down the inside issues of Xavier, and actually gave Minnesota something to think about. As coach Mack said after the game, Kenny has a Big Ten type body. We were running around getting evrything ready for the early shows, so I did not see Pitt dismantle Oakland. I wish I could have seen it, but I'll see plenty Sunday when Xavier gets a rematch of last year's Sweet Sixteen game.


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  2. I agree with the comments above.

    Hang in there, George! If they are students, you can rest assured you'll have the continental breakfast all to yourself...and the continental lunch for that matter.