Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pick "em, Another Close Game For X

The odds makers expect another close game. The boys out in Vegas have Xavier and Pitt as a pick'em. It really has the makings of another awesome game in this great tournament. Inside, Kenny Frease is expecting a war. he talked about Pitt being one of the toughest teams in the country. I responded by saying, "so make sure you bring your mouth guard." Frease laughed and said yeah, yeah. Then I could see it in his eyes when he said "or make sure they have to bring theirs." I love that stuff. I also love the enthusiasm the college players bring to this tournament. Jordan Crawford was talking about how "March Madness" basketball is the best basketball in the world. Terrell Holloway says he considers this better than his birthday, or Christmas, or anything else in the world. he called it "the best time of his life." That's what makes collegiate, amateur sports what it is. Sure, these kids are taken care of for the most part, but they love to play, they love to compete, and that would darn near go to war for their teammates and the name across the front of their jersey. Nothing more. They don't play for next year's contract, or dog it so they can get out of their current contract. They play to win every time out. It's why Northern Iowa can jump up and knock off Kansas. It's why even the best teams have a hard time overcoming a bad day in the tournament. And as simple as it sounds, that's what it will come down to with Xavier and Pitt. Who has the better day, because at this point, every team is good.

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