Friday, March 12, 2010

U.C. Tougher and the Missile

The Bearcats performance at the Big East tournament was a display of toughness. Yes, I said this bunch of maligned players showed excellent toughness, and that's a start. Weeks ago critics had said Mick lost the team, he doesn't know how to make them play hard, and boy, they'd never play that way for Huggs. The Bearcats were a mystery, and there were times I thought they didn't play as hard as I would like. (early second half at south florida still sticks in my craw) But that can't be said of the U.C. team in New York this past week. They played as hard or harder than West Virginia. They did a much better job attacking the basket on offense, and while there were some wild shots, it was better than standing around and settling for jumpers. Plus, it makes the other team work that much harder on defense. I think the young Bearcats learned something this week. I have a lot more hope than a week ago that this team is getting there. We'll know more when the N.I.T rolls around.

I wonder if Rashad Bishop will be back. I have no reason to think otherwise, but I can't say U.C. missed him.

Should Aroldis Chapman keep it up, this is going to be something. The Reds have not had this kind of buzz about a player since they traded for Ken Griffey Jr. The Reds have to hope this turns out a little better, and it should since Chapman doesn't have 10 years of running around on AstroTurf under his belt. I may be the first one walking into G.A.B.P. with a missle shaped hat on my head for the "Cuban Missile."

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