Saturday, March 6, 2010


Not a good time for the Bearcats to lay another egg after my impassioned defense of Mick and the direction of the program. At least I don't have to listen to donors complain, but I'm sure A.D. Mike Thomas is hearing it. One day after Thomas says Mick is coming back next season, U.C. plays perhaps its worst second half of the season. That's saying something when you think about the second half performances against South Florida and Syracuse. I cannot defend leaving Ibrahima Thomas in the game after he picked up his third foul early (18:02 on clock) in the second half. Just nine seconds later he picked up foul number four. It may not have mattered, since the only guy playing well was Stephenson, and to a degree, Thomas. This was a setback, and on these days it is hard to believe in my "success is not a straight line" theory. Besides the basketball, Mick needs to temper, or quit altogether, comments about referees, playing in the Big East, and how much easier it would be in other conferences. U.C. is in the Big East, that's the hand you are dealt, so find a way to compete. I still believe in my theory, but Mick just gave another several pounds of red-meat to his detractors, and a fan base that is losing faith faster than that three point deficit at Georgetown turned into a 27 point blowout.

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  1. This smacks very much of the player's unions we see in professional sports. Rather than being paid based on one's performance, a player is paid, essentially, because of ball card status and it doesn't matter if they are still playing on that team or not. (i.e. Alex Rodriguez being paid by 3 teams now). What message is sent to Cronin when he is guaranteed to come back next year despite the efforts on the court? It is the same message a teacher would give a student who failed every test but was still allowed to pass. If Cronin thinks there are easier conferences (which I've been preaching all along for him) then he needs to respectfully pack up and go to where he will be utilized best. Otherwise, UC needs to tighten the grip on Cronin and demand better results.

    Kenyon Martin's broken leg had more devotion to victory than this guy!