Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Disgusting Display and Thank Goodness For Teachers!

I'm on my way to Salt Lake City for Xavier and the Sweet 16, but I still can't get out of my head what I saw last night. U.C. put on a disgusting display of hoops on the home floor. How do you come out flat in a tournament game? How does a guy with the physical gift of Yancy Gates throw up a three-pointer that had no chance, and come away with 2 whole points in the game? I'm afraid when he picks up some fouls he's afraid to do anything, and that has to to stop. I'd rather a guy foul out knocking people over to get to the ball and stand around looking helpless. But there is plenty of blame to go around in this one, starting with the coaching staff and right on through the 31 three-point attempts and getting beat on the glass. If I'm Mike Thomas, I would have had a meeting with Mick after the game and made it very clear that things have to change. If that means changing some of the assistant coaching staff, then do it. I know Mick knows this, but I would have been on mad A.D. watching that. It was Dayton, a good team, but not a team that should embarrass U.C. on its home floor. Hopefully U.C. knows it was embarrassed, if not, the problems are bigger than I could possibly imagine. By the way, no more shots at the A-10 conference until you can beat teams from the A-10 conference.

Now for the trip to Salt Lake. I was flying out of Louisville, and when my boarding passes were being printed, a huge roar went up like the bell rang for the last day of school. I was almost correct. A battalion of what appeared to be junior high students descended on the place, and headed to the security gate. I was right in the middle of them. As we are standing in line, a rather long one, a woman comes up to me and says "sir, come with me. You don't need to be in the middle of this." She was a teacher with the group of students heading to Washington D.C. for a field trip. She took to be the front of the line of students, and my nerves were spared. I asked the teacher if I could kiss, and she started laughing out loud. She has plenty of company, I'm sure. Layover in Memphis is over, time to roll to Utah!

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