Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don't Tell Me You Can Still Say The Reds...

...aren't on the right track. I continue to hear people deride the Reds and laugh that anyone believes they are making headway on the field. But here we are almost one week into May. You still want to say the starting pitching is a mirage? You still want to say this team can't clamp down defensively? You still want to kick and scream about not scoring enough runs? Go ahead, amuse yourself. And when you're through Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto will still be one of the best young starting pitching duos in the game. Aaron Harang will still be looking more like the Harang of 2007. And Bronson Arroyo will continue to throw more quality starts than the Reds used to get from their number one starters. Look, they could be more consistent with the defense. But that game in Florida Tuesday night was off the charts defensively. I counted at least 5 stellar plays. Ramon Hernandez played like an All-Star behind the plate. He needs to give the Reds a little more of that. Brandon Phillips sprang to life at the plate and continued to make Gold Glove plays in the field. For the Reds sake, this pitching and defense thing needs to be contagious. I'm not saying they are going to win the division. I'm not sure they are going to finish above .500. I do know with Volquez, Cueto, Votto, Bruce, and Phillips this team has a better foundation of young players than I've seen in Cincinnati for quite some time. Don't tell me this team isn't on the right track.

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