Monday, May 25, 2009

Dusty Did it, Not Sure I Would Have

After a two hour rain delay, Dusty Baker sent Aaron Harang back to the mound. The Big Hoss of the reds rotation was one out away from qualifying for a win. If you know Aaron Harang, you know he would pitch 20 innings one day and try to pitch 20 more the next. He's fearless when it comes to his arm. He's a gamer. Managers need to keep gamers from overdoing it. But Dusty has a soft spot and wanted his big man to get a win. Harang's suffered through miserable run support in the past, and the Reds had a 5-spot on the board. No doubt, Harang is a moose. But given what happened last year after the relief stint in San Diego, I would have told my big man to hit the showers. Dusty sent him back out there, and in the end, Harang got the win and probably loves his manager more than ever. I get all of that. I just would not have had the nerve to send Aaron back out there. Way too many much too lose with way too little to gain. For Dusty and Aaron's sake, I hope it worked out for the best. So far it has.

By the way, this road trip coming up against Milwaukee (three games) and St. Louis (four games) is huge. I'm guessing we won't see Brandon Phillips try to play before Friday. Get that right thumb as healthy as possible before the games against the Brew Crew. It was good to see Joey Votto enter the game Monday and stay in the game. Hopefully his problems are a thing of the past.

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