Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moving Andre Means What?

Well, it could mean the Bengals didn't like what they saw of Andre Smith at left tackle during the rookie mini camp, or it could mean they meant to use him at right tackle all along, or it could mean they're not sure where he fits.
Let's start with the first part of my supposition: Is there any way in the world the Bengals would see something in 3 days of drills in shorts that they did not see in four years worth of game video? I can't imagine anyone being that inept. seriously, i mean, there's no way, right? right? someone out there convince mean there's no way that could happen? hello?
So, the second part of my supposition would have to include the question: why? why in the heck let him put his left hand on the ground like he did for so many games at Alabama. why not get him used to playing right tackle from the jump? maybe they just wanted to let the big guy get comfortable in his orientation to the nfl. hey, that sounds logical. except they immediately moved Rey maualuga to the outside, and he played the middle for his entire career at u.s.c. now i'm getting that uneasy feeling again. anyone else have that feeling? i have that feeling, and it doesn't feel good.
So, the third part of my supposition: maybe they're not sure where he fits. I really don't think that's the case. I think , and this is assuming a lot of competence that the Bengals don't deserve, I think they just wanted a look at Smith at left tackle to make sure he wasn't the next Munoz. Obviously he wasn't, and that's not a knock on Smith. Could he be the next Willie? That's asking a lot too. Again, no knock on Andre. But as the sixth overall pick in the draft, Andre is the highest drafted right tackle in the history of the franchise. Big willie was tenth overall. The highest drafted lineman in Bengals history? no, not Munoz, try again........ of course, center bob johnson, the first overall pick by the franchise in 1968. (he's still #1 with all of us who know him. what a man) munoz was the third overall pick in 1980, but of course he's number one in my book too. we'll give andre a little time to determine where he fits in the book.
As a parting piece of advice from an old man to andre: please, do not change positions as often as it appears you change agents.

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