Thursday, May 21, 2009

Phillips Not Happy That Indians Are Coming To Town

Brandon Phillips is like a lot of greater Cincinnatians because he doesn't like Cleveland. At least he doesn't like the Cleveland Indians. He's also tired of hearing about them, since each and every time the series comes around he gets a questions or two about it. Phillips was drafted by the Expos in 1999, then traded to Cleveland in 2002. It was in the Indians organization that his career practically flamed out. The Reds traded for Phillips in April, 2006, and you know the rest. The Phillips acquisition is on target to go down as one of the best trades in Reds history. The only downside for Phillips, he has to face his former team each season, and field questions about them. If he didn't have such an obvious dislike for the Indians, the questions might go away. So here's the question. Does playing his former Cleveland team matter any more?

For the record, I love that answer. In six game against the tribe last season, Brandon had 9 hits, 1 homer, and 7 rbi. The Reds won five of the six games. I understand Brandon was asked a few question about Cleveland earlier in the day, and I bet he gets a few more tomorrow. They won't be coming from me.

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