Friday, May 1, 2009

The Kids Are In, Andre Is At Left Tackle.

The Bengals rookie mini-camp is underway and first round pick Andre Smith is lining up at left tackle. If he shows the Bengals what they are looking for, will that allow them to cut ties with Levi Jones? Smith expects to play left tackle and the Bengals are giving him that chance. Some of the pre-draft reports stated Smith was more suited to play right tackle, but Andre says that doesn't bother him.
Rey Maualuga lined up at the strong side linebacker position in the base defense, and in the middle on nickel coverages. Rey says he's getting a lot out of this first day with the x's and o's of the pro game. He is also thankful he has some former USC guys on the team to help his transition. He had dinner with fellow Trojan linebacker Keith Rivers last night, and Rivers was taking in some of the workout this morning.
Third round pick DE Michael Johnson says he and Maualuga talked about their draft positions. They both felt they should have gone higher. Maualuga says he's not going to let it bother him anymore, but Johnson said they both talked last night about how they are going to prove everybody wrong. Johnson added he doesn't like the idea that he was stuck with the tag that he takes some plays off.
Sixth round pick RB Bernard Scott pulled on a Bengals baseball cap and faced the questions. Allegedly arrested 5 times, 4 different college teams, kicked off one for a practice fight that resulted in a coach allegedly getting punched. Kicked off a high school team too. He said all of the right things and was by no means a dolt. He was on the ball during his media session, he needs to stay on the ball and stay out of trouble to keep the eggs in the skillet and not all over Mike Brown's face.
Our photographer with me at the workout is in his late 20's, but to me he appears to be more like 18. Anyway, he remarks to me that the players appear to be looking younger and younger each year. If they look young to him, how do you think they look to this old goat?
Punter Kevin Huber from McNicholas High School and U.C. said he was surprised the Bengals dumped veteran punter Kyle Larson and newcomer Ryan Plackemeier. That means no competition for the fifth round pick. Huber also allowed that he was able to find some peace and quiet this week after becoming the toast of the town after Sunday's draft. He found the off button on the cell phone and the on button on the video game console.

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