Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nice Win Without Votto and Phillps

The Reds made it happen without the heart of their batting order. Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips were both feeling ill, so the Reds had to make-do without their usual number 3 and number 4 hitters in the lineup. The lineup was juggled with Ramon Hernandez moving from behind the plate to make the start at first base. The patchwork lineup was bolstered by a run scoring triple out of pitcher Micah Owings. 6-5 Reds, a nice win that kind of, sort of, steals back a win the Reds should have had earlier this week in Florida. Owings gets the win and also gets to talk about his big hit after the game.

Now for my stupid prediction that the Reds would draw 115,000 fans over the next 4 games. I'm off to a rough start. Just 14,724 on hand Thursday night. I was figuring on 20,000. I guess there aren't as many desperate single people as there used to be. Actually, they probably all stayed home and did their date shopping on the computer. Sooooo, I need roughly 33,000 per game to make it happen. I'm counting on 35,000 plus on Joey Votto bobblehead night. I'm also banking on some Cardinals fans bolstering the gate.

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