Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If You Aren't Watching The 'Legs...

...you are missing out. Imagine you go to work, you walk in the front door, and the person you trust the most (Votto) is lying in the corner with an ice bag applied to his head. Day three into a 15-day ailment. All right, you expected that, you'll find a way to get through the day. Besides, one of the other co-workers (Volquez) you trust the most is coming back to save the day with his golden arm. Then 10 minutes into your workday that golden arm has you, the fan, feeling like something a few shades darker than gold. Then somehow, it gets worse. They turn the whole thing over to some dude (Lincoln) you thought would be closer to Churchill Downs than new Busch Stadium by this hour. He wasn't. So to punish yourself further, you watch the carnage unfold. What else can you do on a Monday night in June since Arena Football took a hiatus? But here they are, a bunch of guys who have no business doing what they are doing, doing it again. Seriously, did you think Ramon Hernandez could do the splits, not once, but twice? He may have an ice bag applied to something himself, but it won't be applied to his skull. Did you think Lincoln and Daniel Ray Herrera could hold the Cardinals to one earned run in five combined innings? What about Herrera dropping down a perfect sacrifice bunt, Hanigan getting a couple of hits and scoring a couple of runs, and Layne Nix continuing to come through whenever needed? It's June, they have a winning record, and they are doing it in legitimate fashion, with a plus 8 in runs scored. If you aren't watching the Redlegs by now, I'm betting you will soon.

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