Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm tired of him, and you're tired of him...

...but Chad Ochocinco is getting his fix of attention these days. After all of that baloney last week on the NFL Network, Monday he gave Geoff Hobson of an interview. As usual, it's all about Chad, or at least mostly about him. A couple of things strike me about Chad's suddenly cheery and talkative ways. I find it interesting since HBO announced the Bengals will be the subject of "Hard Knocks", Chad is back to yapping. While he says he might be too embarrassed by last season to open up on the show, I say he's going to do anything in his power to get HBO to set up an entire studio in his training camp dorm room. I also find it interesting that he listens to Denzel Washington and Kobe Bryant. At least he'll listen to someone. Too bad Washington and Bryant aren't part of the Bengals coaching staff. Wouldn't it be nice if Chad gave his coaches some of that respect, especially when it matters? Wouldn't it be nice if Chad gave his teammates some that respect, especially when it matters? Look, I want everyone to be happy and prosperous, including Chad. I also wish he would have begun that march back to happiness and prosperity last spring, in a Washington Redskins uniform. Add Video

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