Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scrub That Previous Post, And DeRosa Would Have Been Huge

They did it again. Every time the Reds appear ready to abandon ship, they raise the lifeboats and sail on. But don't scrub all of my previous post, because I believe most of it is valid. A lot of fans were ready to toss in the towel a couple of weeks ago when the headline blared that the Reds were content with the current set of players. Last week Walt Jocketty made it clear the Reds were looking for a bat. Today it's clear the Reds were making a play for Cleveland's Mark DeRosa. That would have been the perfect pickup for this team. Apparently the Indians were asking for a lot, so the Reds were left empty-handed while the Cardinals made the move. It's bad enough the Reds miss out on the guy, it's almost a wooden stake to the heart that he goes to division-leading St. Louis. The Cardinals gave up relief pitcher Chris Perez and a player to be named later. I can't judge the trade until I know who the player to be named is. but let's say the Indians wanted Jared Burton and a player to be named. I would make that trade in a heartbeat, again, depending on who the ptbnl is. Burton's stats are comparable to Perez, but Perez is younger, throws harder, and is thought to be a potential closer. George Grande said on the Reds telecast Sunday that relief pitcher Josh Roenicke was a guy the Indians were believed to be interested in. He also said the Indians swear that the ptbnl from St. Louis is a good one. He'd better be, or the Reds did something to the pooch that you should never do to a pooch. I think DeRosa was a perfect fit. Time to move on to Plan B. The consolation prize in all of this: We know the Reds are actively pursuing help, and not just waiting for Edwin and others to fill the void. So Walt, roll up the sleeves and git'r'done!

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  1. Why doesn't anyone talk about the Adam Dunn trade. The REDS got nobody worth anything for what they gave up. Dunn will hit 40+ Home runs and drive in 120 RBI's this year yet it goes unsaid about the poor decision to trade him.

    This team does not have a power hitter. Dunn would have been that and more--Come on guys make some noise about it.