Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some Quick One Liners

Because I don't have a lot of time, but I'm itching to post.

If the Reds take three out of four in St. Louis, it's a big-time success after the way this trip started.

If the Reds can play close to .500 while Joey Votto is out, they have a great chance to hang in there.

I have nothing concrete to base this on, but scuttlebutt and speculation have put my mind at ease as far as Votto in the long-term.

Congrats to Badin for advancing the the d-3 baseball semifinals and good luck to Reading (d-4) and Moeller (d-1) on Friday.

I think we in the media make way too much of the Chad Ochocinco matter because I don't see Chad having an major impact on the Bengals chances in 2009. Plus I'm sick of him. ( I know that's two lines but I'm really sick of him)

U.C. had a big week with Jaquon Parker and George Jackson joining the hoops program and Dominique Brown from Winton Woods joining the football program.

Mike Woods, R.I.P. (he was a monster at linebacker for the Bearcats in the 70's)

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