Friday, June 26, 2009

Optimism Is Giving Way To Pessimism

Every baseball season I seem to start out like Yogi. It ain't over 'til it's over. This year the optimism surrounding the Reds was fueled by good pitching, both starting and relief. We knew the offense would be challenged, just maybe not quite this challenged. After almost half the season we know this about the Reds: They aren't bad, they just aren't very good. They're not really losing any ground, they're not gaining any ground either. They aren't a whole lot worse than they were at the end of April, but they're certainly no better. They might be able to hang in the race a little while longer, but I don't see them making a drive to the top. Their pitching is okay, but not stellar, and certainly not good enough to carry a sagging offense. The defense is okay, but certainly not a highlight reel of "web gems", not even close. It's not up to the standard I expected at the beginning of the season. In short, the Reds are a mediocre team. These aren't just the musings of a man suffering through a 9-2 loss at Cleveland. These are the musings of a man allowing pessimism to seep into the small cracks where optimism once lived. It was back in early May when the Reds briefly led the league in earned run average. They are now sixth. They are 12th in the N.L. in runs scored. They are on the minus side of run differential, a stat that doesn't tell the whole story but it does give you a good indication of performance and potential. Plus, the starting pitching has shown some signs of bending. It ain't over, but I've reached that point where I am now a pessimist and no longer an optimist about the 2009 Cincinnati Reds. As for 2010, isn't Homer on the mound Saturday night?

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