Thursday, June 25, 2009

Joey Was Big, Willy Could Be Bigger, And The NBA Draft

Joey Votto leaves his hometown with a bang, and the Reds needed it. Just when they blow the four-run lead, it's Votto with a home run to put the Reds back on top. We know Votto can hit, but the bigger thing to come out of Thursday night in toronto could be (do not hold me to this) Willy Taveras. A three-hit night, a well executed bunt on a suicide squeeze, a stolen base, and a pretty decent centerfield. If Willy can do this a little more consistently, the Reds have a chance to hang in there. I'm not sure why I would think he could do it more consistently, other than the belief he cannot possibly be as bad as he's shown the past month and a half. But I also feel if Willy goes into another tailspin, it's time to put Dickerson in center and give him a chance. Chris flashes some awesome defense when he gets a chance to patrol the middle.

Bronson Arroyo has something in common with "celebrity blogger" Perez Hilton. They both got beat up in Toronto. The good news for Arroyo fans, Bronson cry about it on video. I can't say the same for the overexposed "celebrity blogger". (i don't know what else to call the guy without using words like clown, fool, etc., etc.)

The NBA draft never fails to surprise me. Mainly because there are so many guys drafted in the first round I've never heard of. David Stern had the same problem when he stumbled and bumbled over the name and hometown of Rodrigue Beaubois.

I was disappointed for Derrick Brown. Hopefully he has a good career. A lot of guys have benefited from getting drafted in the second round. You get to the big-money deals sooner. But you have to be very good, and you have to pan-out to make it happen. Brown went to Charlotte with the tenth pick in the second round, the 40th overall pick.

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