Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reds Offense and Twitter:Make It Stop!

The Reds offense continues to give me an uneasy feeling. They are 11th in the National League in runs scored. But maybe the pitching is good enough to continue giving them chances to win, even with Votto still out there somewhere on the horizon. We've heard for years and years that good pitching is a wonderful thing. It is, and the Reds have it. The Reds are still on the plus side in runs scored, but plus eight after 59 games is a razor thin.

Usually games involving the Washington Nationals result in scores more suited to the Metro Softball Tournament at Rumpke Park. Lately though, the Nationals have had trouble scoring as well, and that's how the Reds were able to get out of D.C. with two wins while scoring just nine runs in three games. Only twice in the last eight games have the National scored more than two runs. That is beyond brutal.

Did you ever think you would long for the days to have Edwin Encarnacion back at third base? With Rosales in the tank, the Reds are there. Clearly Jerry Hairston Jr. is more comfortable at other positions.

Twitter is the "pet rock" fad of 2009, at least that's what I hope. Please, make it STOP! I refuse to follow anyone on the stupid thing, and if that puts me behind the 8-ball with pertinent sports information, so be it. A lot of sporting types, agents, players, etc., are using the thing to fire out thoughts, sometimes news, but usually just a bunch of meaningless information. I mean really, who has time to read all of that crap some of these people put out? I've had to cull through some of that stuff for work, and quite honestly, who the hell would go through that stuff on their own time? It's mainly a bunch of gibberish. Is this what it's coming too? I'm perplexed by this thing. But whatever floats your boat, I guess. I have to personally thank Chad Ochocinco for perpetrating the tattoo hoax through his twitter account. The more junk like that coming out means the less reliable it is. Ask guys like Tony LaRussa. He's suing the place. I'm going to help Tony out. I'm going to find my "pet rock" from the 70's and fire it right through the front window of Twitter.

As I've clearly stated in the past, I've grown so tired of the Ochocinco thing. The antics I can do without, but when he does his interviews, something funny usually comes out. He is a funny, funny, man. The Brokeback Mountain comment earlier in the week was hysterical. (although Carson may have failed to see the humor) I genuinely feel Chad means no harm. But if the Bengals need a nice comedian, Jay Leno has some time off this summer. A healthy, focused Chad can help, but I still can't believe it's been worth the drama of the last 18 months.

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