Friday, March 6, 2009

3 seniors honored by U.C., will one return next year?

Senior Day is Saturday for U.C. Three players will be honored before the Seton Hall game, Mike Williams, Branden Miller, and Conn seniors players, this counts Conner Barwin. Future NFL player Barwin helped bail the 'Cats out when injuries and defections depleted the roster in the 2005-06, and 2006-07 seasons. Coach Mick Cronin sounds grateful for the contributions by Barwin during Mick's first season. Mick also sounds like a guy ready to fight for a return by Mike Williams. After sitting out a transfer year, Williams lost another season with an injury. So the plan is to go for a sixth season.

Williams says whatever happens, he will not regret his decision to leave Texas and transfer to U.C.

Branden Miller says his days at U.C. have been beyond anything he could dream. He could have gone to a smaller school and played more, but he sounds like a guy who enjoyed the division 1 experience even though he was a walk on, which means zero scholarship money. Mick says any time one of his players complained, he would point to Branden and tell them if they thought they had problems, they should see the student loans Branden is racking up. Miller talked Friday about the transformation of the program from his early days. He remembers when Mick was hired, there were five players at a meeting. Two of them were Miller and Barwin. Miller says things at U.C. are little more settled now. Well, maybe a lot more settled.

U.C. Senior Day

Tip off Noon, Saturday Fifth Third Arena

Seton Hall vs U.C.

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