Monday, March 2, 2009

The void gets bigger for Bengals

I'm not a guy who wants to spend a lot of loot on wide receivers, so from a pure salary cap and dollars and cents standpoint, I'm not going to berate the Bengals for losing T.J. But the void that grew by 340 (or more) pounds last year when Willie Anderson left is now larger with the loss of T.J. I know Housh wasn't seen as a big time leader for blowing off the off season workouts, but when he was in Cincinnati, he was committed to winning. He didn't have issues saying what needed to be said. That includes saying it publicly in the media. Man alive will he be missed by the media. Now Carson Palmer is left as the only real leader of the offense, with perhaps some backup from a promising Andrew Whitworth. But Carson needs to grab this role by the throat and make this his team. Meanwhile the Bengals need to take T.J.'s money and make sure they have enough 340 pound guys to keep their leader safe.

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