Tuesday, March 3, 2009

U.C. at South Florida

Since a very impressive, jaw dropping win against Marquette, South Florida has gone tanksville. I watched the Marquette-South Florida game and could not believe it. Marquette lost that game by launching 24 3-pointers and connecting on just 4. The Golden Eagles lost by 1. Since then the Bulls have lost 6 in a row and have shot 40% or less in each and every loss. That is brutal. The high water mark of 40% came Sunday against West Virginia. A contributing factor is the loss of Jesus Verdajo, the Bulls leading 3-point artist. Only 5-thousand plus showed up this past Sunday afternoon to fill the 10-thousand plus seats. If you go to the Sundome website through this link:
they are pimping some band playing there. U.C. will beat the Bulls on South Florida senior night.
By the way, if you want some interesting and juicy reading, check this link out. Then poke around on your own through google.

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