Friday, March 27, 2009

NCAA Tournament Viewing Pleasure?

Why is the NCAA still in the stone ages when it comes to televising it's showcase tournament? Let's say I have cable television, its any Saturday in January, do you know how many regular season games I can watch? 12? 15? Maybe more? That's without buying the Full Court package. So why in the world when the NCAA gets down to the most important games of the year we get our choice of watching one? I'm told with a dish I could be seeing both Regional games played at the same time, or I could stream the other game on the computer. But when Wofford is playing Davidson in January while U.C. is playing Georgetown and Kentucky is playing Arkansas I can flip between all three games on my nice, high resolution television. This makes no sense and it needs to be fixed in the next contract. More channels, more games, the sooner the better. I know I'm spoiled but it makes no sense that I can see a bajillion regular season games but don't have access to all of the tournament games. Those dastardly TV people sure can mess things up!

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