Monday, March 30, 2009

Carson and the Ocho No Show

Like a bird that keeps flying into the same window and knocking itself silly, the Bengals are knocking themselves silly with another season of Chad Ocho Cinco. Those made available by the Bengals at Monday's news conference cannot be held completely accountable on this issue. This, like the Chris Henry decision last year, must be coming from above the head of Marvin Lewis. Forget must, of course it comes from above the head of Marvin Lewis. It comes from Mike Brown. Brown's inability to connect the dots between off-field distractions and on-field success is maddening. But that might be one of the least maddening things about Brown. I digress. As the "voluntary" program begins Chad Ocho Cinco is expected to be thousands of miles away, working out in California with his junior college coach. Apparently Chad has some eligibility left at Santa Monica College. Apparently Chad accomplished all he needed to accomplish in Cincinnati last season. Apparently there is no need to work things out with a franchise quarterback who missed the last 11 games in 2008. Carson didn't appear to be in much of a mood on Monday to talk about the missing wide receiver.

Carson said something very similar last year when Chad missed all of the voluntary programs. Of course nothing happened. Carson doesn't get to call the shots on personnel. I implore Carson, I mean I really, really, really want him to go into Mike Brown's office, pound his fist on that overpriced, underused, taxpayer funded desk, and tell Mike that "the problem" needs to go and go now. Then I want him to tell Mike to take Ocho Cinco with him.

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