Monday, March 9, 2009

Sean Gone Wild!

Okay, he didn't rip his shirt off or whatever else they do in those degrading DVDs I would never watch, but Xavier coach Sean Miller had some biting words for the Atlantic10 schedule gurus. Here's the situation: Xavier played Dayton at home 9 p.m. Thursday night. Then travelled to Richmond Friday for a Saturday evening game. Richmond had a game earlier in the week, at Charlotte on Tuesday. So the Spiders we home lying-in-wait from Wednesday night until game-time Saturday. Sean takes it from there...

I'm sure the Atlantic 10 will say coaches get paid a lot of money, and those Thursday night games generate cash and in turn feeds the giant known as NCAA Division 1 basketball. But it is worth taking a look at ways to avoid the turnarounds.

On a lighter note, B.J. Raymond was named 1st team all-conference. Derick Brown made second team and C.J. Anderson is honorable mention.

Here's a link to the Atlantic 10 all-conference selections:

Xavier's first conference tournament game will be Thursday at noon. The Muskies will play the winner of the St. Louis- La Salle game. I'll have more on Xavier's tournament time thoughts coming up in the next couple days.

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